The Scoop: Just got insight for Fall 2012 trends!!!

Alright everyone, hold on tight! I just had a meeting with Lisa yesterday, and she actually revealed upcoming trends for Fall 2012! I was frantically taking notes throughout the meeting, and here’s alittle of what’s to come:

For Lipstik

  • Black and White, mixed with splashes of bright colors even though it’s Fall.
  •  Pleating, color blocking, print mixing.
  • Lots of different animal prints interpreted in fun ways!
  • Fun faux fur jackets and boleros.
  • Cool tunics to wear with wild patterned sequin leggings, and much much more….

For Elisa B

  • Solid and color blocked Ponti Knit dresses.
  • Cool tops and great fur vests and pleather jackets.
  • Unique pleating patterns on knits, chiffons, and meshes, leopard prints, Missoni prints.
  • Super special sequin dresses with beautiful faux fur cover ups to go with.
  • Lots of subtle touches of studding, beading, rhinestones and the usual discreet attention to details.

Im superduper excited about Fall 2012! Just imagine for a moment of how it all gets started:  Lisa starts off with a white blank piece of paper ….and then……sketching, sketching, sketching…….and then……..We have a wonderful, colorful, energetic Collection!!!

Ok, I have to get back to work as my desk is piling full of assignments! I will be back on Monday, and have a review of how the show is going in New York City. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

-          Live* Love <3 Laugh :)

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