Review from the show in NYC!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! The week was certainly busy…sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier, been working on several projects. But, I do have the review from the show. And here goes….

The response was enormously receptive! Our booths were packed with people and orders were flying around waiting to be filled! It was an energetic and extremely eventful show.

Below are some photos…

The Buyers loved the Lipstik Girls outfit that Dakota wore – the dot sequins skirt, with the white fur jacket, which has an adorable black & white dot lining.

For Elisa B – Breonne wore the suede dress with gold foil which was practically on every sales order form. Meghan modeled the royal blue and black mesh sequin tutu dress, which was also super popular. And for Lipstik Girls Dakota displayed the blue leopard chiffon sequin dress which was a winner for sure!

And of course Dakota’s favorite was the gold sequin ruffle dress….she didn’t want to take it off, and made a point to let all the buyers know that!

The weather was beautiful, the city skyline was spectacular, and overall it was a great weekend in NYC!!!

Now back in L.A. at our headquarters where assignments are waiting to be completed….Till next time…

-Live* Love <3 Laugh :)

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