Design Mode Complete!

Well it’s been some time since our last post, and that is due to designing, designing, designing….!!!

The artistic part of creating the new collection is complete, now comes the technical construction. I must say though, that I am extremely ecstatic over the lines. Both Lipstik Girls and Elisa B are full of color, fun, energetic, and well developed! I can say that you will be seeing color-blocking, excellent use of sequins, unique leggings with pizzazz, and dresses with a look to wear at any event.

Both collections are designed with strong powerful presence. I admit, I do have a couple personal favorites that I wish were in my size :) , but overall every style brings its own exclusive creative voice to the collection!

It is so much fun to experience the design mode here in our corporate office. It is an absolute pleasure to work with a Design Team that is open to thinking outside of the box. Moreover, to have Lisa as the Captain of our ship always makes for a delectable sailing experience. Some of the design ideas that she comes up with leaves me in admiration. She makes it look so easy, when in fact, what she does is extremely challenging. Each season I watch with eyes wide open to see what she will include with what colors and what fabrics.

Can’t wait to see the outcome of the samples! Patiently waiting and watching the construction masters complete each garment!

Just to let you know, we do have a show coming up rather soon. Will keep you updated from there with all the latest news!


Live* Love <3 Laugh :)

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