Design Mode Complete!

Well it’s been some time since our last post, and that is due to designing, designing, designing….!!!

The artistic part of creating the new collection is complete, now comes the technical construction. I must say though, that I am extremely ecstatic over the lines. Both Lipstik Girls and Elisa B are full of color, fun, energetic, and well developed! I can say that you will be seeing color-blocking, excellent use of sequins, unique leggings with pizzazz, and dresses with a look to wear at any event.

Both collections are designed with strong powerful presence. I admit, I do have a couple personal favorites that I wish were in my size :) , but overall every style brings its own exclusive creative voice to the collection!

It is so much fun to experience the design mode here in our corporate office. It is an absolute pleasure to work with a Design Team that is open to thinking outside of the box. Moreover, to have Lisa as the Captain of our ship always makes for a delectable sailing experience. Some of the design ideas that she comes up with leaves me in admiration. She makes it look so easy, when in fact, what she does is extremely challenging. Each season I watch with eyes wide open to see what she will include with what colors and what fabrics.

Can’t wait to see the outcome of the samples! Patiently waiting and watching the construction masters complete each garment!

Just to let you know, we do have a show coming up rather soon. Will keep you updated from there with all the latest news!


Live* Love <3 Laugh :)

Review from the show in NYC!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! The week was certainly busy…sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier, been working on several projects. But, I do have the review from the show. And here goes….

The response was enormously receptive! Our booths were packed with people and orders were flying around waiting to be filled! It was an energetic and extremely eventful show.

Below are some photos…

The Buyers loved the Lipstik Girls outfit that Dakota wore – the dot sequins skirt, with the white fur jacket, which has an adorable black & white dot lining.

For Elisa B – Breonne wore the suede dress with gold foil which was practically on every sales order form. Meghan modeled the royal blue and black mesh sequin tutu dress, which was also super popular. And for Lipstik Girls Dakota displayed the blue leopard chiffon sequin dress which was a winner for sure!

And of course Dakota’s favorite was the gold sequin ruffle dress….she didn’t want to take it off, and made a point to let all the buyers know that!

The weather was beautiful, the city skyline was spectacular, and overall it was a great weekend in NYC!!!

Now back in L.A. at our headquarters where assignments are waiting to be completed….Till next time…

-Live* Love <3 Laugh :)

The Scoop: Just got insight for Fall 2012 trends!!!

Alright everyone, hold on tight! I just had a meeting with Lisa yesterday, and she actually revealed upcoming trends for Fall 2012! I was frantically taking notes throughout the meeting, and here’s alittle of what’s to come:

For Lipstik

  • Black and White, mixed with splashes of bright colors even though it’s Fall.
  •  Pleating, color blocking, print mixing.
  • Lots of different animal prints interpreted in fun ways!
  • Fun faux fur jackets and boleros.
  • Cool tunics to wear with wild patterned sequin leggings, and much much more….

For Elisa B

  • Solid and color blocked Ponti Knit dresses.
  • Cool tops and great fur vests and pleather jackets.
  • Unique pleating patterns on knits, chiffons, and meshes, leopard prints, Missoni prints.
  • Super special sequin dresses with beautiful faux fur cover ups to go with.
  • Lots of subtle touches of studding, beading, rhinestones and the usual discreet attention to details.

Im superduper excited about Fall 2012! Just imagine for a moment of how it all gets started:  Lisa starts off with a white blank piece of paper ….and then……sketching, sketching, sketching…….and then……..We have a wonderful, colorful, energetic Collection!!!

Ok, I have to get back to work as my desk is piling full of assignments! I will be back on Monday, and have a review of how the show is going in New York City. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

-          Live* Love <3 Laugh :)

Welcome and Stay tuned!!!

Hello all you Lipstik & Elisa B Girls!!!  Welcome to our blog, where you can stay connected with the latest trends in fashion, Lipstik/Elisa B news, and how to glitz up your wardrobe!

First let me introduce myself. My name is “D” yes its just the letter. :) I am happy to announce that the Lipstik Girls & Elisa B Fall 2012 Collection will premier in New York City this weekend! We all at Lipstik are super excited for this event!!! Come and see our models: Dakota & Lauren for Lipstik Girls; Meghan, Sydney, & Breonne for Elisa B.

Lipstik Girls can be seen at:

CHILDREN’S CLUB – scheduled for Sunday-Tuesday, March 11-13, 2012 and will take place at The Javits Center, Halls 1B & 1C, from 9am-6pm Sunday and Monday, 9am-5pm on Tuesday.  – BOOTH #8100

Elisa B can be seen at:

CHILDREN’S CLUB – scheduled for Sunday-Tuesday, March 11-13, 2012 and will take place at The Javits Center, Halls 1B & 1C, from 9am-6pm Sunday and Monday, 9am-5pm on Tuesday.  – BOOTH #8103.

Don’t forget to become a member in our regional groups on Facebook. Where you can take part in contest and special promotions! Just as a hint of what’s to come in our groups: a drawing to win a $100 in gift certificates to our store online!!!! So, stay tuned…….LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH <3